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InCal Spotlight

Laser and Optical Scanning from the Optical Gaging Products 2009 Flash 500 Machine is InCal's latest addition into our Inspection Department.

The Story of InCal, the Story of Faith

In 1998, a company hired Lee Lambert to pioneer its new third-party quality division. He was given a building, a desk, and a mandate to buy equipment and get a quality division going. In the first weeks, Lee hired two people with strong backgrounds in the tool and die industry and bought the division's first machine. By capitalizing on the company’s connections, he began to expand the quality division.

Within a few short years however, the company which hired Lee began to experience some difficulties in other areas and it was becoming clear to him that trouble might be on the horizon. These challenges soon began to overtake the company and in 2004, the owner announced that he was going to close its doors. Even though the company was in trouble, Lee's strong faith in Jesus Christ and his aggressive entrepreneurial spirit compelled him to step up and fight for his team’s future.

Even as the company was going out of business, Lee and members of his team made a scriptural stand on this verse:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." – Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV).

With this verse, unwavering faith, and a great deal of prayer, he began to develop a business plan which would allow him to purchase the quality division he'd pioneered six years earlier and transform it into a successful independent company. In a recent interview, Lee explained, “We hung on that scripture. We’d come into work, and even though the company we were working for was dying, [that verse said] we had a hope and a future. And even when we were on unemployment…, wondering where God was taking us, we hung on to the belief that we had a future and a hope.”

After a period of standing in faith and leaning on God’s promise of a future, the deal finally went through. As Lee recalls, “In 2004, we were basically out of business for two weeks. We came back after I made the deal with the owner and the bank, turned on the lights and went back to work. InCal Technologies was born, and we were even able to retain our existing customer base.”

But God’s faithfulness didn’t end there. Since the formation of InCal Technologies, sales have at least doubled every year. Lee is very pleased to report that in 2007, InCal Technologies had the best year it has ever had, even when compared to the numbers they did before going independent. And there’s no doubt that Lee gives credit to God for this level of success. “I don’t even have a salesman,” he chuckles.

The scripture Lee stood on during InCal's earliest hours is the same one he stands on today. In a gesture fitting the importance of this verse to InCal's birth and success, Lee printed it on his new company letterhead and had it encapsulated in the footing for the new sign the company installed in 2004.