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InCal Spotlight

Laser and Optical Scanning from the Optical Gaging Products 2009 Flash 500 Machine is InCal's latest addition into our Inspection Department.

Employment Opportunities

Working at InCal Technologies can be one of the most rewarding career choices you could make. We’re a company that supports the family institution, and that’s more than just lip service. Many of our employees have come to regard their co-workers as part of an extended family, where everyone sticks up for each other and we all have each other’s backs. If crisis strikes your life, we’ll rally and offer support where it’s needed to help you make it through. We do this because when your family is strong, you’re strong too, and the whole team benefits from that in ways that go far beyond dollars and cents.

“My philosophy,” explains InCal president Lee Lambert, “is God first, family second, work third. If you have a family issue, you go take care of that, and we’ll cover for you. But it’s a two-way street,” he continues, “in that there has to be a balance. If you need a day off, I’ll help you out, but I expect you to help me out in return if I ask you to put in some overtime to cover for someone else.”

You need only talk to one of our staff to know that this philosophy is a powerful one. Generally speaking, when someone hires on at InCal, they tend to stay. Several of our employees have been with us since Lee was hired to pioneer the quality department from which InCal was born.

If this sounds like the kind of workplace you’d like to be a part of, and if you have at least four years of experience in the machine trades, or are a recent graduate of an accredited tool and die program, you just might be the sort of person we’re looking for. To start exploring the possibilities of a career at InCal Technologies, fax your resume to Lee Lambert at 989-758-0954, e-mail it to llambert@incaltech.com, or send it via postal mail to the address on our contact page.