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InCal Spotlight

Laser and Optical Scanning from the Optical Gaging Products 2009 Flash 500 Machine is InCal's latest addition into our Inspection Department.

Welcome to InCal Technologies!

InCal Technologies, accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025, specializes in providing Dimensional Calibration and Zeiss Inspection coverage for all our customers needs. This third-party facility is equipped with the very latest and highest quality measurement equipment as well as highly qualified personnel to provide you with "World Class Service". We are a nationally recognized supplier.

Please download our A2LA scope or our ISO Cert for a complete list of accredited services.

Our temperature- and humidity-monitored laboratory enables us to measure to an accuracy range of .000002 of an inch. We also provide commodity calibration management and sample approval inspection data including PPAP and GP-11 requirements that meet all TS-16949 requirements.

Why choose InCal?

Well, there are three main reasons that make InCal Technologies the best choice for your calibration, repair, and inspection needs.

Fast Turnaround. "Being in this industry for so many years," explains InCal president Lee Lambert, "we value the fact that in quality, people need it yesterday. When they're calling us, we know the need is urgent." We put a high value on the urgency that's inherent in the quality industry, and everyone here works hard to turn things around quickly. "My ear is always tuned to the flow of what's going on with our in-process work here. If we're not getting things through, if we're getting bottlenecks, get me another employee, get me another machine. We gotta keep things moving for our customers. You know, a lot of work we get is from competitors, where they've had gages for weeks, and it still isn't done. Customers call and ask if we can get it done faster for them. Of course we can!

Low Overhead. We maintain a lean, very competitive operation here. We're not burdened by shareholders, executives, or any partners with fat compensation packages, so that results directly in lower prices to our customers. Our prices are set and controlled by one person. Period.

Integrity. We say what we'll do and we do what we say. If we make a mistake, we admit it and make it right. We're a faith-based company and our beliefs influence the way we do business, from the top to the bottom. We've worked hard to establish credibility with our customers, and it's paramount that we do everything we can to maintain it. The bottom line is that when you choose to do business with InCal Technologies, you'll wish you'd have done it a long time ago!